CfP: Blurring Boundaries: Rethinking Gender and Care


The interdisciplinary Bavarian Research Association ForGenderCare invites authors to submit abstracts for the conference.

University of Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany, March 13 -15, 2019

At present, Western societies are undergoing multiple processes of profound change. Globalization, economization and neoliberalism transform formerly nationally organized industrial societies into markets within a highly interdependent global economy. A transformation or dismantling of the Western welfare state can be observed. Simultaneously, a growing individualization of lifestyles and an increasing privatization of responsibilities entail an ongoing erosion of traditional (and often invisible) care networks. New employment patterns, pluralized family forms, changing gender roles, altered conceptions of maternity and paternity, changed family care networks and the professionalization of hitherto rather privately organized care practices make it necessary to rethink care and its social organization.

Such dynamics challenge the (traditional, but still influential) gendered respectively feminized nature and notion of care. Today, care is not a female "labor of love" any more, invisibly done in the private sphere of the family. Care has become a subject of struggle - not only in every day life (when families and other care networks desperately try to meet the care receivers' existential human needs) but also in the political sphere (where solutions for the "care crisis" are urgently sought) and finally in public discourse (where shortcomings in the field of care are increasingly addressed).

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CfP: Blurring Boundaries: Rethinking Gender and Care

We invite authors to submit abstracts via conference(at) by September 15, 2018. The maximal length of abstracts is 2,500 characters with spaces. Submitters will be notified of acceptance/rejection and format of presentation by November 1, 2018. Travel and accommodation costs as well as the conference fee cannot be covered by the organizers.

The conference is organized by the interdisciplinary Bavarian Research Association ForGenderCare "Gender and Care. Dynamics of care in the context of institutions, practices, technology, and media in Bavaria." ForGenderCare is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts (2015-2019).

Speakers of the research network "ForGenderCare":

Prof. Dr. Paula-Irene Villa, LMU Munich (

Prof. Dr. Barbara Thiessen, University of Applied Sciences Landshut (

Managing Director "ForGenderCare":

Dr. Susanne Schmitt 

Local Organizer:

Prof. Dr Susanne Kinnebrock, Augsburg Universitiy (

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